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If there is one good thing about a long and cold winter of Canada, it makes the perfect environment for online poker. And with Canadian law it becomes very easy on online gambling, Canadians can enjoy access to almost all major international sites. Some of the largest Canadian Poker players including Daniel Negreanu, Mike Watson, Bicknell Christian, Gavin Smith, Mike McDonald, and Jonathan Duhamel, who returned home in 2010 with a $ 8.9 million prize at the WSOP main event. As a result, we came to see players A.S. The leading migrated to the country was only to advance their careers (more than the events of Black Friday back in 2011).

Perhaps the only form of gambling banned by Canadian law is a one-match bet, and the government is considering lifting even. However, with the open gate for all types of gambling sites and poker, it can be very scary to choose one that can be relied upon and according to your needs. Fortunately, there is a formula for this. To help separate wheat from the husk, we assess poker market offers, which are considered options, and compile the best poker sites in Canada for you. We also highlight the number of major factors that you must consider when making your choice.

poker live
poker live

The Best Canadian Poker Site for Online Players


GGPOKER is not a Canadian poker site too but the largest poker network in Asia can be accessed on the western side of the world. Starting in 2014, this site quickly gained popularity because of various promotions and features that made players constantly entertained. These include various analysis tools, tournament fightes, plus you can even link it to your social media and share hands. Although only developed recently, GGPOKER software is also the best, suitable and even defeating most veterans in trading.

Other features of Canadian poker players enjoy with GGPoker include:

– 100% deposit bonus up to $ 600 or $ 100 in prizes to help you get started
– Extensive gift program.
– Many popular games to play every day like Texas Hold’em
– Extraordinary software
– 888 Poker.

Launched as far as the early 2000s, the 888poker has set its roots in the world of online poker and has grown for years to become one of the best ranked online gambling and poker sites. This online poker space is proud of newly improved software, which integrates 3D table graphics, multi-furnace capabilities, integrated casino, and cashiers that are always there. They even have cellular applications that are compatible with Android and iOS.

Other features of Canadian poker players enjoy 888pokers include:

– 1 day withdrawal
– Have a variety of gentle competition games and lots of fish
– $ 88 deposit bonus
– Many deposit options include Visa, Neteller, Interac, Apple Pay & Bitcoin
– Use the bonus points system ( to help you get a lot of the increase in frequency play


PokerStars may be very good to be one of the biggest poker sites in the world today. It was not explicitly a large white north poker site because the head office was found in the Isle of Man, U.K. With it, you get a large tournament pool and money game to choose from. Naturally, the poker site also gets a relatively high flow of players, more than Sunday. Therefore, there is no limit to the number of fish out there for you to play. The company also offers a solid reputation, and Gaming Malta’s gambling license supports its brand. Another advantage is that all deposits and victory players are separated to protect the players.

Other features enjoyed by Canadian poker players with PokerStars include:

– The Deposit Rewards Program to provide a 100% bonus of up to $ 600 using the PokerStars bonus code
– Receive various payment media, including visas, mastercard, interac, instadebit, and more
 -Have the second highest traffic around

Party Poker

Launched in 2001, PartyPoker is another bigwig in the field of the online poker room. For the moment, it has one of the most downloaded, mobile and Desktop applications. In addition to this, the site is completely safe and secure and has major systems to protect the interests of the actors. It is regulated and dismissed by the U.K Game Commission. And carries out random checks to identify potential cheats using prohibited software and robots. In addition, this poker site offers a wide variety of games, tournament games at cash games and sit-and-gos.

Other features Canadian poker players enjoy with PartyPoker include:

– Easy to use mobile application easily
– Great traffic and lots of fish
– A variety of games, including 7 Card Stud, Video Poker, Omaha & Texas Hold’em
– How to choose the best online poker sites in Canada
– Some criteria you can use to ensure you get the best online poker sites in Canada and getting a remarkable experience. We will spend on some of the main ones below.

Safety of poker sites – You will agree that the main reason you play poker is to make money, right? Therefore, your main concern as a player should be whether the money you drop or win will be safe on the site. Fortunately, most online Canadian poker sites are sufficiently regulated on this day and their age they are safe and secure. However, for more precaution, you want to stay away from the sites exposed to American customers. Indeed, because of US restrictions, it might be difficult to process payments for American players, which can, in turn, affect the functionality of the entire site in general. The safest online poker sites in Canada are those that are publicly exchanged. In this way, you can see their books and know what you are entering in advance.

Quality of poker sites – While you are advised to follow only the fish, you can not completely ignore the aesthetics or user interface of the site. The quality of the site can go a lot to improve your poker experience. In this case, you want to use sites with upper software, which is easy, fun to use and is compatible with many different devices.

Competition – Competition in online poker is mainly referring to the presence of players who are better qualified than you in the poker room. Yes, you may want to play against the big ones for the simple prestige of all this, but if you make money, your goal is your end goal, you may play better if you play lower players. Therefore, check the most traffic site. In this way, you can get a variety of games that you are good and even more fish to enjoy.

Withdrawal and deposit options – Withdrawals and deposits are a fundamental part of the game. You see, in order to buy a game, you will have to make a cash deposit and, after winning, your money should be able to find its way in your pockets. Other than the safety aspect of all this, you want a site that makes these two processes as fast and easy as possible. Be eager to also check the limits. Some sites put restrictions at a large amount of withdrawals at a time. Others can accommodate such withdrawals in particular circumstances, but you will probably need to contact customer support and make a request.

Variety of Games – Other than the famous Texas Hold Em, you will find some poker games that you will find on online poker sites in Canada. They include Omaha, H..R.S..E, Stud and Razz. The more the game options, the more likely you are to find your niche and make victories. Some sites offer more comprehensive game options such as other online casino games, blackjack and sports betting. The fact that you can do all this in the same place is definitely an advantage!

Poker and satellite tournaments – Satellite tournaments are a good opportunity to get tickets to enter bigger games like w.s.o.p, where you can get a larger collection of gifts. For this reason, you want to lean on the site with a broader selection of tournaments. The higher the collection of prizes, the better the opportunity to participate in the real world tournament. We cannot emphasize enough to go for weaker competition. You have a chance to make a higher money if you avoid sharks.

Online Poker Canada: What should be said about poker and tax The good thing about Canadian law is that the poker victory by casual players is 100% tax free. This is mainly due to the fact that the government runs most gambling carried out in this country. Now, some online poker sites in Canada are personally owned, but many country casual players still enjoy tax-free benefits. However, it is important to note that the situation is different for professional Canadian poker players. The Canadian income agency assumes poker victory in taxable as long as they qualify as income from business. ‘The interpretation itself is rather ambiguous but generally means that if you fully source your income from playing poker online, then you are responsible for taxes. . Fortunately, most players don’t fall into this category.

What bonus poker is available for players from Canada

Most online poker sites in Canada and all over the world will often persuade you with registration deposit bonuses in efforts to recruit new customers. Registration bonuses are usually in the form of what they call a deposit match, where the site matches the percentage of images that you deposit at first. For example, if you deposit $ 100 on the site with a 100% match bonus, then you get an additional $ 100. On other sites, you get some money like $ 5 after doing your first deposit. At the very least, new players will get a free ticket to a small tournament. As you would expect, players from Canada are no exception for this bonus. In some cases, you will even get a special promo, specifically offered to Canada. Therefore, before anything, check around several sites for one with the best registration bonus. Like Pokerlistings, some sites go as far as cutting exclusive transactions with operators, so you get extra facilities with bonus registration.

Withdrawal and online poker in Canada

But another thing that can be enjoyed by Canadian card players is the ease of withdrawal. Even though you might have to deal with banks refusing to transfer in the US-based realm poker, you don’t need to worry about it in Canada. In fact, you can do it directly through the transfer of wire in almost all banks. Most sites receive visas and mastercards, among other payment processors such as PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and Echeck.

Is Canada Online Poker Site Safe?

Unlike things back in the early 2000s when the idea of ​​online gambling is relatively new, most online poker sites are now almost 100% safe. However, it is still feasible to do your research before being committed to poker sites available for Canadian players because of the country’s limited regulations on online poker sites off coast and private. Check the reviews made online on the level of security and trust and other user experiences.

One definite bet when it comes to security is a site that is operated by a government like Quebec and B.C. If you prefer poker offshore, leading sites like 888poker, PokerStars, and PARTYPOKER can be trusted.

Which site allows Canadian poker players?

Thanks to loose gambling laws in Canada, almost all online poker sites accept Canada online poker players. Some operators such as Titan Poker may turn away from Canadian online poker markets, but only because some interpretations are a little tambling. But the good thing is that there are many other choices that Canadian players can take.

Does it bet on real legal money in Canada?

Yes, online poker real money is truly legal in Canada. In fact, Canada might be the best place you can walk on real money online poker in the world. In addition, you can choose from several sites, both government and private. Relaxation of laws that surround online gambling also allows for poker sites that are stronger and more reliable.

Take it home – In short, basically there is no limit on which you can play poker online in this country. Because there are almost no limiting laws, you can access almost all online poker space operating on a global scale. However, the key is to choose your site wisely. We have compiled several of the best sites out there and some of the factors you can consider when making choices. In this way, you are guaranteed to have gambling experience. The rest really fits your expertise and luck!

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